Full Guide on How to Write a SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is one of those tools that you'll come across in any field. For example, it's used to define a product's competitive advantage, create a strategic plan for a business, and gain insights into consumer behavior. But it's not just businesses that benefit from this technique. Personal SWOT analysis helps people plan their careers in the most optimal way possible, too. As versatile as it is, SWOT analysis is not at all complicated. That's why its adoption rate is through the roof. And that's why you should learn how to take advantage of it, whether for an assignment or not.

AMA Citation Format. How to Cite Your Medical Papers

If you belong to the medical or scientific community, you may be familiar with the AMA format and the AMA citation. The AMA guidelines have made the lives of students worldwide difficult as the guideline is 1032 pages! The guideline discusses how to write in AMA format. If you don’t have enough time for reading it, but still would like to master it, this article from EssaygradesPro will guide you through the basic paper format and citation rules according to the American Medical Association (AMA) Style. For your extra benefit, our paper writers have added a format example, a template for print, and electronic sources.


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Excellent Analytical Essay Writing Guide 2022

The typical definition of an analytical essay is a piece of writing, in which an author analyzes, critiques, and interprets a certain event, situation, or even a work of art. Analytical writing in general tends to dissect a topic into multiple components/ subtopics, to analyze these in detail, and then synthesize all this information to formulate conclusions or to extract main points (the essence).​

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